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Wise Guyz

02. Jul 2021

This Rockabilly band from Ukraine shurely is one of the top-highlights of this year‘s Firebirds Festival. Started in 2000 by the leader and songwriter Chris Bird, the band has it’s own style and material with 50’s vibes in it. Sometimes switching genres from Swing to Rock'n'Roll, they also changed the line up several times, which brought some fresh and new colours to their music. WG recorded 7 LP albums (5 were released on El Toro Records, Spain) mainly with own songs, played a lot of shows and festivals all over Europe and have been rockin’ in Australia on 2013. They also made several side projects in genres like Surf, Psychobilly, Neo-Rockabilly, Swing and others and were a backing band for a few Rockabilly stars. These lads won’t let you stand still, cause it’s always hot on their shows.