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02. Jul 2021

The Polecats began life in the late 1970’s as The Cult Heroes, playing youth clubs in the Mill Hill area of north London with Tim Polecat and Boz Boorer on guitar, Phil Bloomberg on bass and Chris Hawkes on drums. Boz and Phil shared vocals at the time. With a change of Drummer from Chris to Neil Rooney and with Tim now on Vocals, the Polecats were born. The band released their first single “Rockabilly Guy” on Nervous Records and were soon signed to major record label, Phonogram. With the release of their first album “Polecats are Go” in 1981, they established themselves as one of the most exiting rockin’ bands around. The album was followed by UK top 30 hit singles, “John I’m only dancing”, a re-recording of “Rockabilly Guy” and “Jeepster”. In Early 1982, The Polecats released the hit single “Make a Circuit with me” and replaced Neil Rooney with Poorboys drummer, John Buck. After a brief “lay off” between 1985 and 1988, The Polecats have continued to gig throughout the world playing regularly in Europe, Japan and the USA. During the early 90’s they released 2 albums for Japanese label Vinyl Japan, “Won’t Die” and “Nine”. And in 1994 the now rare “White Devils”, inspired by a name given to the band in Japan, was released. The US/UK top 30 single “Make a Circuit” was used and part of the promo for Disney movie “Wall-E” and in the US sit-com “Glory Daze” Tim now lives in Palm Springs but keeps close ties with Mill Hill. He and Phil wrote the score for the 2010 movie “Isle of Dogs”, which also features a role for John Buck. And although Boz spends much of his time as guitarist for Morrissey, he still enjoys reliving his youth with the Polecats. The band have continued to tour the UK, US, Europe and Japan and are currently working on some new recordings.