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Ray Collins´ Hot Club GER

02. Jul 2022

In 2015 and 2018, this exceptional band just “burned down” our festival with a furious concert. Here come actually repeat offenders and we are very happy about the commitment of these extra-ordinary musicians for the Festival-Saturday! Since 2000 the ten piece band Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB is part of the international swing and vintage rhythm and blues scene. Playing their own mixture of boogie, swing and rock´n´roll they released 7 albums, appeared in 3 movies and toured in more than 30 countries from Moscow to Las Vegas. Their trademark is their wild stage act. But it is their own compositions which brought them international and long lasting recognition. With songs like Out Of My Mind, Barefoot or Bye Bye Paris they created their own classics. On their latest album, Cutting Out they went one step further and recorded as a 40 piece big band including string section. Now they are back in the ten piece line up, back on the road and ready to rock. If you like, Cab Calloway, Wynonie Harris or Buddy Johnson this band might be just right for you. Let’s swing & stomp! Albums: Shaking That Boogie, Honk My Horn, Tohuwabohu, Lord Oh Lord, Goes International, High Life, Cutting Out