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Bands of the Firebirds-Festivals 2018:


Hot Boogie Chillun (GER)

Hey friends, watch out… we have another mega-highlight at our festival. Personally for us it is a great honor to welcome these three gentlemen of HOT BOOGIE CHILLUN to our festival.

The Playboys (GBR)

One of Europe's hottest bands will pay tribute to us on the opening day of our Festival. Founded in the early '80s, they are now the old guard of Rockabilly Rockers but still one of the wildest Rock n Roll bands "still" on the Rockin' scene today.

Whiskey Kiss (USA)

WHISKEY KISS describe themselves as "retro revamped" (roughly: "revamped / revised retro style").

James Intveld (USA)

Many festival visitors will never forget this name after his concert on Friday, so we are sure! Only because of him it would be worth for us to visit the festival. The fact is, here comes one of America's absolutely top-class country and rockabilly singer.


The Firebirds are the hosts of the Firebirds Festival. Twenty-five years ago some very young school friends started unplanned a Rock´n´Roll Train.


Die Boogie Banausen (GER)

THE newcomers of the decade in the scene !!! This is no exaggeration, because the boys have made a steep career within two years.

Ray Collins` Hot-Club (GER)

In 2015, this exceptional band just “burned down” our festival with a furious concert. Here come actually repeat offenders and we are very happy about the commitment of these extra-ordinary musicians for the Festival-Saturday!

The Fairytales (GER)

A-Cappella of the 50s & 60s - 5 men, 5 voices, one harmony: these are the FAIRYTALES, which since 1996 spoil with their A-Cappella singing.

The Real Gone Tones (POL)

If you like authentic 50's Rockabilly Sound with a bit of Country and Swing, then you're in the right place with these 5 sympathetic musicians.

Boogie Brothers (GER)

At the age of 8, two school friends made their first joint musical experiments on piano and percussion in 1985. Already as young teenagers, they discovered the magic of Boogie Woogie and Swing.

Ray Black & The Flying Carpets (GER)

Extra-ordinary pure Rockabilly Sound... We are looking forward to the guys from Stuttgart "Ray Black & The Flying Carpets"!

The Go Getters (SWE)

The three guys from Sweden are really cool guys! With their distinctive ass-kickin' Rockabilly Boogie Sound, they'll heat us up on Festival Saturday. Fotocredit: Klaus Biella, Hayride Hillbilly Pictures

Sonny West (UK)

Watch out friends! Here comes Sonny West from England ...

Georgina Teach & The Originators (NL)

Many years ago we made a band excursion to the Paradiso in Amsterdam, where we wanted to see Jerry Lee Lewis playin’. A few years later, Georginia Peach & The Originators stand on exactly those sacred boards ...


Earl Jackson (GBR)

A tribute to Chuck Berry ... here comes Earl Jackson! At first glance confusingly similar ...

Jake Calypso (FRA)

Friends, here comes a real bundle of energy, whose stage show you shouldn´t miss! We look forward to the Festival-Sunday with Jake Calypso, born in Northern France in 1964.

Firebirds & Friends (GER) – FIREBIRDS RECORDS

Die Gastgeber unseres Festivals geben sich auch am Sonntag die Ehre.

Das Tilman Schneider Swing Terzett (GER)

Tilman Schneider is the guitar-player of Ray Collins' Hot-Club and so he will play at our Festival twice - Saturday and Sunday. ...

Levi Dexter (UK)

For many rockabilly fans a real highlight of our weekender! Levi Dexter was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame in 2012. That says a lot! ...

Dylan Kirk & The Killers (UK)

The 17-year-old shooting star from England will revive "Jerry Lee Lewis at a young age" on Festival Sunday. ...


DJane Heidi

- no english content at the moment - ... zu Hause auf vielen Festivals in Europas mit dem Ziel einer vollen Tanzfläche und glücklichen Tänzern.

DJane Doo Wop Baby

- no english content at the moment - ... dieses Wunderfräulein aus Frankfurt am Main spielt die Sahnestücke des Deutschen Rock’n’Roll ...

DJane Manu Tanzratte (GER)

Manu Tanzratte - not only famous DJane for particularly danceable moments but also address for people who no longer want to sit at the edge of the dance floor.

DJ Rob Popp (GER)

The furious record collector from former wallcity Berlin is out with one mission: to serve some hot wax!

DJ Wildcat Udo (GER)

For the last 25 years DJ Wildcat Udo is spinning the finest records in his hometown Berlin and German wide on several festivals ...

DJ Red Mokum

- no english content at the moment - Dee-Jay Red Mokum wurde mit einem Rock 'n' Roll Löffel im Mund geboren. ...

DJ Oldschool

As DJ Oldschool I play original Rhythm & Blues, mid-50s Rockabilly, late-50s to early-60s Rock 'n' Rollrecords. I love to play Blues-Boppers and Jivers who are get things really going.

DJ Twistin Sharky

- no english content at the moment - Rock 'n' Roll is good for your soul. ...

DJ Boogie Junkie (GER)

- no english content at the moment - „…die Musik steht immer im Vordergrund, und diese sollte dem Publikum nicht lieblos zum Fraß vorgeworfen werden.

DJ Atomic Mo

- no english content at the moment - Seine Rhythmen sind Rockabilly und R&B der 50's und 60's. ...

DJ Lucky Shooter

- no english content at the moment - Dieser Herr mit seinem kleinen Schallplattenkoffer ist er seit den frühen 1990er Jahren ein gern gebuchter DJ ...