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Firebirds Festival Dance Camp - Learn from the best

The world's best dance teachers teach at the Firebirds Festival Dance Camp!

If the FBF Dance Camp is your first dance workshop, you can be sure: here you will get the best tips and tricks to get started on the dance floor. And if you are a more experienced or advanced dancer, you can get inspiration and improve your dancing to a high level. So the Firebirds Festival is the perfect place to learn from your favorite international teachers. Instead of having to spend a lot of money to travel all over the world to the top trainers, we bring the best to you!

We are particularly pleased that we were able to win our friends Marcus & Bärbl, the organizers of the internationally recognized Rock That Swing Festival from Munich, as competent partners for the FBF Dance Camp.

For the professional workshops you need a Dance Camp ticket. The trial lessons are open to all festival visitors.

Download the timetable for 2024 for download as PDF



Bärbl Kaufer & Marcus Koch GER

Marcus and Bärbl are the organizers of the Rock That Swing Festival. They are known around the globe ... weiterlesen

Tanya Georgiievska & Sondre Olsen-Bye NOR

Learning from the best... you can't just take that literally here. ... weiterlesen

Jessica Kaiser & Markus Kakuska AUT

Jessy has been dancing since she was a little girl and started dancing boogie woogie at the age of 8. ... weiterlesen

Veronika Pfeiffer & Florian Pogats GER

Veronika Pfeffer & Florian Pogats are Bavarian and German champions in Boogie Woogie. ... weiterlesen

Samantha Löffler & Patrick Dietrich GER

Samantha “Sammy” Löffler and Patrick Dietrich have been dancing together since 2017. ... weiterlesen

Christina Vorwerk & Marco Rissmann GER

Christina has been dancing boogie woogie in a neighboring club for many years. ... weiterlesen

Alexandra & Micha Seyfarth GER

Micha only discovered R`n`R and the associated party dances at the age of 18. ... weiterlesen

Olivia Bley & Felix Becker GER

Olivia and Felix have been dancing together for more than 20 years. ... weiterlesen

Rat 'n' Hep GER

ou could always rely on the charmingly assertive voice of Manu Tanzratte ... weiterlesen